What Congress is hiding about #Agenda21?

Agenda 21 is a land use planning mechanism developed by the United Nations to guide national and local policymakers in creating so-called “sustainable development.”

 It was written by foreign nations where people are property, for foreign nations where people are property.  It does not recognize, and if fact detests, your right to own a home, drive a car or have private property.  It achieves the phony goal of “sustainable development” by declaring much of the United States off-limits to human use.

Even worse, the federal government is spending your tax dollars to promote it, through the State Department and EPA.  Congress doesn’t want you to know that. 

It does not recognize private property rights, restrictions on government abuse of eminent domain or other restrictions on government power Americans enjoy under the United States Constitution.

It is radical environmentalism in its purest form, a guttural hatred of humanity expressed in international policy jargon.  Sustainable development is the new label they slapped over the old, faded word ‘socialism’ when it became too ugly to use.

Incorporating U.N guidelines into their local planning authority is just their way of sneering down their noses at neighbors they consider inferior.  It’s typical abusive liberal arrogance, and it’s targeting your right to own property, a home and a car.

This isn’t some dark conspiracy where UN lawyers drop into small town America and rewrite laws.  This is typical liberalism, where American liberals look to socialist-leaning international bodies that share their hate of the American ideals of private property and individual prosperity and adopt their teachings.  

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