5,273 conservative activists tell McConnell: It’s time to fight back

WASHINGTON — Americans for a Better Economy, the nation’s most effective grassroots-powered advocate for ag, energy and resource development, sent Monday to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office a petition signed by 5,273 conservative activists calling on him to go on offense and fight back against increasingly successful efforts to use environmentalism to threaten jobs and economic recovery by passing the REINS Act.

“In 2016 Americans gave the White House, U.S. House and Senate to people who said they were going to ‘drain the swamp.’ Republican leaders could have kept that promise by sending to President Trump the REINS Act, a popular proposal to take power away from politicized bureaucrats and give it back to the people,” said ABE President Donny Ferguson. “Republican leaders instead sat on their hands, let the Left land punches and in 2018 were handed their worst defeat since Watergate.”

“Americans are enraged when they learn Congress is letting unelected bureaucrats make up and enforce their own laws. It’s time to stop letting the Left win by setting the terms of the debate,” said Ferguson. “If the Senate Majority ever wants to win again they need to fight back. Leader McConnell can start by passing the REINS Act and forcing the Left to defend an unaccountable, out of touch bureaucratic state.”

The 5,273 petition signers are just the start of what will be ABE’s ongoing campaign to engage conservative activists and defeat increasingly successful efforts to use environmentalism to advance socialism and “de-develop” the United States’ economy.

“If you are a Republican in Washington these are the people who put you there,” said Ferguson. “These are the people who donate to candidates, knock on doors and get out the vote. And we’ve just started. Hundreds of thousands more will follow.”

The petitioners make four demands of McConnell, as well as all other members of the Senate and House:

1) Passage of the REINS Act, to take away the power of unelected bureaucrats to make up and enforce their own rules.
2) Block any attempt to tax carbon.
3) Block any attempt to restore the Obama administration’s ‘Waters of the United States” rule.
4) Block any attempt to pass any of the “Green New Deal.”

The REINS Act is a major government reform, requiring Congress affirmatively approve every new “major rule” proposed by the Executive Branch before it can be enforced on the American people, as opposed to the status quo, where regulations ultimately take effect unless Congress specifically disapproves.

Passage of the REINS Act would mark the single largest transfer of power from the bureaucracy back to elected lawmakers.

Americans for a Better Economy organizes nationwide grassroots support for pro-growth energy, environmental and agricultural policies and opposes the increasing use of environmentalism as a vehicle to promote socialism.

ABE President Donny Ferguson was previously the Executive Director of American Tradition Partnership where he helped collect 250,000 petitions in support of the Keystone Pipeline and won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case expanding Citizens United to the states. As Communications Director and Senior Policy Adviser to Congressman Steve Stockman he ran one of Capitol Hill’s most effective media and policy shops.

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