Abolish the EPA!


Since its creation in 1974, the Environmental Protection Agency has been used as a weapon against employers, property owners, farmers and ranchers.

You can’t “reform” poison.  The only option is to abolish the EPA!

I join the thousands of grassroots supporters of Americans for a Better Economy (BetterEconomy.org) in calling on my Representative and both Senators in co-sponsoring and voting for legislation abolishing the EPA!

Sign here to Stop Agenda 21!


To my U.S. Senators and Representatives:

Agenda 21 must be abolished at all costs.

Agenda 21 is a land use planning mechanism developed by the United Nations to guide national and local policymakers in creating so-called “sustainable development.”

It was written by foreign nations where people are property, for foreign nations where people are property. It does not recognize, and if fact detests, your right to own a home, drive a car or have private property. It achieves the phony goal of “sustainable development” by declaring much of the United States off-limits to human use.

Even worse, the federal government is spending your tax dollars to promote it, through the State Department and EPA. Congress doesn’t want you to know that.

It does not recognize private property rights, restrictions on government abuse of eminent domain or other restrictions on government power Americans enjoy under the United States Constitution.

It is radical environmentalism in its purest form, a guttural hatred of humanity expressed in international policy jargon. Sustainable development is the new label they slapped over the old, faded word ‘socialism’ when it became too ugly to use.

Incorporating U.N guidelines into their local planning authority is just their way of sneering down their noses at neighbors they consider inferior. It’s typical abusive liberal arrogance, and it’s targeting your right to own property, a home and a car.

That is why I am joining thousands of other supporters of Americans For A Better Economy in directing you to co-sponsor and vote for legislation:

1) Abolishing the State Department’s “Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs,” which funds and coordinates with the U.N.’s designated Agenda 21 “focal point.”

2) Abolishing the EPA, which funds and coordinates with the U.N.’s designated Agenda 21 “focal point.”

3) Prohibiting any and all Federal agencies and employees from carrying out activities intended to comply with Agenda 21 directives.

I await your written response.

Kill the GOP Green Giveaway!

The GOP budget plan INCREASES spending on NOAA “climate research” – even after a top NOAA scientist confessed their “climate change” research was based on falsified and manipulated data.

Why are Republicans spending MORE money on liberal propaganda?

Sign your name below to let President Trump and GOP leaders know you want NO spending on liberal boondoggles and Fake Science!


Pass the REINS Act!

My personal message to my Senators and Representative:

Pass the REINS Act Now!

To my U.S. Senators and Representative,

Unelected, unaccountable, career D.C. bureaucrats have the power to make up and enforce their own laws.

These regulations, imposed without the consent of Congress, are costing Americans billions of dollars in wasteful, abusive costs.

Some of these handed-down regulations are even radical ideas rejected by Congress.  How can unelected, unaccountable, career D.C. bureaucrats enact their own laws Congress rejected?

The REINS Act takes away the power of unelected bureaucrats to make up and enforce their own laws, by calling them regulations.

Under the REINS Act, no major regulations would take effect unless passed by both chambers of Congress and signed by the President. In other words, if it’s enforced as a law, it must be passed as a law. No more Regulation Without Representation.

The REINS Act easily passed the House in the last Congress. President Trump wants it on his desk so he can sign it into law.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blocking a vote on the REINS Act.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has yet to schedule a vote on it.

I stand with the grassroots supporters of Americans for a Better Economy in calling on you to

1) Immediately co-sponsor the REINS Act, and

2) Demand Majority Leader McConnell immediately bring to the Senate floor for a recorded vote on, and to vote in favor of, the House-passed REINS Act, or

3) Sign a discharge petition to bring the REINS Act to the House floor vote for a vote.

I, and every supporter of Americans for a Better Economy, will be watching what you do.


Kill the UN Climate Scheme!

My Personal Message to President Trump!
Keep Your Promise!

President Trump,

You were elected on a promise to take the United States completely OUT of the United Nation’s Paris climate scheme.

But now your daughter and son-in-law, who serve as your senior advisers, are telling you to keep the U.S. in the U.S. scheme.

They are joined by Rick Perry and Rex Tillerson, who as a corporate CEO lobbied the U.S. Senate to support this globalist nonsense.

I know the scales are tipped in favor of you keeping the U.S. in the U.N. Paris climate scheme…

…but you made a promise!

Even climate researchers who believe in so-called “man-made global warming” say this agreement will have no impact on climate.

So why did Barack Obama’s advisers create this scheme?

In the words of Obama’s science czar John Holdren, their goal is to “de-develop the the United States.”

The U.N.’s Paris climate scheme isn’t designed to bring down temperatures.

It’s designed to bring down the United States.

Keep your promise!

Remove the United States as a signatory to the Paris agreement, and cease all funding in and support of the United Nations!